Man-hours Experience

3 hundred thousand plus man-hours of experience in mobile technology development (Some of the platforms we have worked on)

Cost Efficiency

50% less cost India, has an outsourcing index of 7.1 and global competitive index 8.3. Phyder brings this cost efficiency to its clients giving them 50% more value per dollar.

Faster Delivery Time

20% Faster delivery time The first-time right attitude coupled with a 48 hour working week helps us deliver solutions faster to our clients; in-turn helping them compete better by serving their markets faster.

Intensively Trained Workforce

250 + intensively trained work force We use a 4 step process to nurture talent, from tough selection criteria (An Example) , to weekly training, to intensely competitive phyder challenge.

Right Attitude First Time & Every Time After That

First time right attitude Our clients never end up feeling that their work is following a trial and error route or is happening in fits and starts and something or the other always needs fixing. Our expertise and experience helps us get it right the very first time, and every time after that.

Reputation Quality Delivery

Reputation Quality delivery has garnered some big names as clients; helping our reputation by word of mouth. We are proud nay arrogant to be one of the few companies which can say, 100% clients and 100% pleased with our solutions (Speak to any or all of our clients ask for a reference)